Girls Common Room

Girls Room of about 12 * 15 square feet area with attached wash room is available near the principal chamber.

Anti Ragging

Ragging is strictly banned in the college campus.

Penalty For Ragging

  • Expulsion from the educational institution, if found guilty on enquiry by the college against a complaint lodged by any other student.
  • Imprisonment of either description upto two years or fine upto five thousand rupees or both.
  • Any student convicted shall be dismissed from college and shall not be re-admitted.

Career Counselling Cell

The College has established an active Guidance and Counseling Cell with aims to journey with students in their lives by helping them in securing employment, selection of courses, study habit and overall offer insight, guidance and support to help students to understand and manage different career and life style issues.

Women Development Cell

Centre for women's development is functional in this college under the aegis of UGC from 2004 with an objective to conduct training programmes, seminars and workshops in collaboration with different agencies and institutions associated directly or indirectly with formulation, execution and implementation of various policies and programmes for gender improvement and development. In addition to this the centre arranged advocacy and legal awareness extension and field outreach camps/activities.


The College has established a Yoga Centre in Physical Education Block, equipped with all necessary facilities and study materi

UGC Network Resource Center

College has set up UGC-NRC for students and teachers of the College. In the Centre students/teacher can access internet. Moreover, College has subscribed N-List programme of Inflibnet Centre through which more than 50000 Books and Journals are accessible


The College has Edu-Set facility through which students attend online classes delivered by expert teachers in the Edu-Set hub.

Medical Facility

The college runs a first aid cell to facilitate immediate medical assistance to students and staff. a doctor is deputed weekly from district hospital rajouri to visit the first aid centre of the college for free medical checkup of the students.

Eco Club

Govt. Degree College Rajouri has established a Eco-Club for the development of Eco-Friendly Environment in the state in general and Rajouri District in particular. Club organizes the functions like Environment awareness, wild life protection, WWF functioning and other related pollution free/Polythene free life style.

College Canteen

College has a subsidized canteen which provides snacks and light refreshment like Maggi, Rajmash-rice etc to the students at subsidized rates. The college has a canteen committee which keeps an eye on the working of the canteen. As and when any change or reform is required, the committee immediately comes into action


Hostel facility is available for 100 male students in General Boys Hostel and SC Boys Hostel and 50 female students in SC Hostel for girls. Students desirous of seeking admission to the Hostels must apply on the proper Application Form which can be had from the Hostel Wardens free of costs. Hostels are equipped with internal facilities, newspaper and well furnished infrastructure.

Hostel Rules

  • Boarders will be required to sign the receipts for the items of furniture and other things issued to them. They will be responsible for any damage to doors, windows, glass panes, furniture, almirahs and fittings and other hostel property.
  • Meals are served in the Dining Hall only. No one is allowed to cook meals in his/her room.
  • The Hostel Mess is run by the contractor / on co-operative basis, managed by the Mess Committee, comprising Boarders and respective Wardens.
  • Mess charges must be cleared by the 10th of each month.
  • The boys hostels gates are opened at 5:00 AM in summer and 6:00 AM in the winter and are closed at 10:00 PM in summer and 8:00 PM in the winter. Gates can be opened during the night only in case of an emergency. No boarder shall be allowed to move out after the attendance is taken at night.
  • The girls hostel gates are opened at 6:00 AM in summer and 8:00 AM in the winter and are closed at 7:30 PM in summer and 6:00 PM in the winter. No girl will leave the hostel premises without the written permission of the Warden.
  • The hostlers are responsible for the safety of their belongings. Those breaking the rules are liable to be fined and such articles left on the premises may be confiscated during vacation.
  • The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for the loss or theft of any cash or valuable kept in the rooms of the boarders.
  • No boarder is allowed to any amusement which is likely to disturb other boarders.
  • Ragging in the hostels is strictly prohibited. Any student of the hostel indulging in ragging is liable to be expelled from the hostel as well as from the College.
  • Any refundable dues shall be released only after all due payments have been made by a boarder. The claim for all such refunds should be made within six months from the date of leaving the hostel.
  • The College authorities reserve the right to modify any of the existing rules without prior notice. Decision of the Principal in all matters shall be final and binding.

Student Grievances Cell

A students grievance cell has been established in the College CAMPUS. The student approach to the cell to voice their grievances or may send his/her grievance to the principal over mail or put the note in the Grievance Box, located near the principal office. The cell redresses the grievances by sorting out the problems promptly and judiciously.

Placement Unit / Career Counselling

College has UDAAN Cell, under the Special Industry Initiative of the Prime Minister, the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) and Ministry of Home Affairs have been mandated to work with the corporate sector in bringing about a positive change in the employment and skills space of Jammu and Kashmir. The Special Industry Initiative, known as Udaan, targets the youth of J&K, specifically graduates and postgraduates, who are seeking global and local opportunities. Udaan thereby aims to provide skills to 40 000 youth over a period of 5 years in high growth sectors.Udaan has two objectives :

  • To provide exposure to the graduates and post graduates of Jammu and Kashmir to the best of corporate India.
  • To provide corporate India with exposure to the rich talent pool available in the state


The college central library at present has a collection of about 40000 books. There is one separate reading room attached to the College Library. Several magazines, newspapers and journals are available for the benefit of the students. There is also a UGC funded Text-Books Section (Book Bank) and Research Division where text books, encyclopedia, census reports, year books are also available for the needy, deserving students and for researchers of staff. Also, there are two departmental libraries: one in department of chemistry (containing about 800 collections of books) and other in the department of computer sciences (containing about 1000 collection of books) which facilitate the needs of M. Sc. Chemistry and MCA students respectively.

Library Rules

The Library presently observes the same working hours and holidays as the College. However, it remains open for the students during the summer vacation from 8:30 AM to 2:30PM.

  • Every student at the time of borrowing books from the Library shall produce his/her Identity Card. A person borrowing books from the Library shall be held responsible for any loss of pages or damage of the book and he/she will have to pay fine in addition to double the cost of that book.
  • Teachers are not allowed to take more than ten books at a time. No member of the College staff may borrow books from the Library on his own name for the use of the students.
  • Members of the College staff or the establishment at the time of leaving the College or transfer, retirement or otherwise shall return all the books borrowed by them before the LPC or “No Demand” certificate is issued in his favour
  • Students can borrow only one book at a time, which include at least one book of the subject taken by him/her.
  • Students must return books taken by them within fifteen days. Any student retaining a book after the time allowed shall have to pay a fine of Rs. 1/- per day until the same is returned, provided the fine incurred shall not exceed double the cost of the book.
  • The Librarian shall keep a record of the book issued. In the beginning of every month or at the time of realization of dues to the cashier, librarian shall submit to the office a list of fine imposed on students for late return of books. Those students shall have to deposit the fine with the College cashier within seven days of the submission of the list, failing which the student will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Books required by teachers of the College, if borrowed by any other person, must be returned on the receipt of a notice issued from the librarian.
  • The same person shall not be allowed to barrow any book for the second time within two days from date of its return by him/her. This rule, however, does not apply to Teachers of the College.
  • Any person, who either loses a book or otherwise damages it, shall be liable to pay an amount not less than double the cost of the book. When it belongs to a set or series, and unless he can replace it, he shall be liable to pay the cost of the whole set or series.
  • Students free from lecture work may visit the Library during the college hours. No talking or disturbance of any kind is allowed in the library. Any infringement of rules shall incur punishment/fine.
  • Library is meant only for the use of those persons who are directly or indirectly connected with the academic life of the College.
  • Books of the following description shall not be issued by the library: Reference Books Periodicals/Magazines Dictionaries of prominence Encyclopedia/Census Reports Rare books identified by College Library Committee/Principal
  • Periodicals shall not be issued except for consultation in the library premises.
  • All books shall have to be returned to the library every year at the time of stock checking especially in April-May. The librarian shall make a report of books found damaged/missing to the principal, soon after the stock checking is over and shall prepare the list of books to be written off.
  • Teachers of the College, who wish to retain certain books during the summer vacation, shall have to return the same to the library at the time of stock checking.
  • Sleeping, smoking, chatting, eating etc are strictly prohibited in the library.

Botanical Garden

Our college has a well maintained botanical garden where the students of botany study various plants and other aspects of botanical life which facilitates them in enriching their knowledge.

Seminar Halls

The college has two seminar halls (one each in Department of Computer Sciences and Chemistry). These halls are regularly used for conducting class seminars. The students of post graduate departments are regularly promoted for active involvement in paper presentations, group discussions & class seminars etc.

Specialized Facilities And Equipment For Teaching, Learning And Research

The college has five computer labs with nearly 94 computers. The staff is given a free access to internet so that they can enrich their knowledge and then in turn the students can benefit from their experience and knowledge. The computerized library also helps the staff and the students of post graduate and under graduate classes to understand the value of research. College has UGC network resource centre with twelve computers where students and staff can access internet.

Games & Sports

College has independent sports block located behind Computer Sciences Department.

Outdoor and Indoor Games

The college has following facilities for outdoor games:

  • A Lush green open space ground for playing cricket.
  • Well maintained courts for playing kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, badminton and kho-kho

The college also has facilities for playing following indoor games:

  • Table Tennis
  • Caram Board
  • Chess

Rules & Regulations

  • Games are played regularly and every student is expected to participate.
  • Every student is expected to have the usual equipment for the games he/she opts for.
  • After the completion of the admission process, college teams are announced on the basis of the trials and a rigorous selection process.
  • The players in their own interest are advised to be punctual and regular in their class work. Inter-group tournaments in all the games are conducted periodically.
  • Cups and prizes are given to the winning groups.
  • Extraordinary players are considered for the awards every year decided by the competent authority on the basis of the overall performance of the players indoor and outdoor games.
  • Members of the various teams must report punctually for practice and for matches.
  • Any player, who indulges in any act of indiscipline in the College, shall not be eligible for any prize, certificate or College colours or participation in games.
  • All the games shall be played after 1:00 PM only.
  • Gymnasium

    Our college has well equipped Gymnasium with all the modern and state of the art equipments for maintenance of personal health and hygiene.


    The college is having a multipurpose hall for all type programmes & special seminars. The seating capacity of the hall is around 175 students.